Each month we hold webinars with brilliant experts, and also free meet-ups to get to know each other properly.  These are open to all our newsletter subscribers, so please make sure you have signed up to our newsletter before booking.  You can do this here.

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Lucy Upton, THE Children’s Dietitian

Workshop on Fussy Eating 
12pm, Friday 11th June
Cost £10

Having a child with food allergies poses all sorts of challenges and for some families, it can mean a bit of a struggle at meal times. In this workshop, Specialist Paediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist, Lucy Upton will discuss how to help your food allergic child have a positive relationship with food. She’ll tackle the issue of “fussy eating”, talk us through strategies to encourage children to enjoy food and have advice on what to do if you think your child may have more serious issues around food and problem eating. Of course, you’ll have the chance to submit your questions too and Lucy will answer as many of them as possible during the hour-long, live event.

Currently, Lucy is based in a busy children’s hospital where she enjoys supporting children with food allergies as well as helping those with feeding difficulties, growth concerns and requiring medical nutrition support. In addition to her NHS work, Lucy is a feeding therapist at a specialist feeding clinic, The Feeding Trust.  You can find her on Instagram.

The event will be available to watch again via our website.  As with our other experts, Lucy has given up her time for free to help us keep the costs low for this webinar.  To sign up, click here


Each month we hold virtual meet-ups to share our experiences of having children with food allergies.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to share challenges, solutions and offer each other support.  Our meet-ups are held over Zoom and last about an hour.  We encourage everyone to have their videos on, as it’s a chance, at a time of isolation, to get to know each other better.  But don’t worry if you’re feeding a baby, it’s a very relaxed gathering!

The meetings are free and designed for the parents and carers of similarly-aged children, so please pick the best one for you.

For the parents and carers of babies under 18 months

Wednesday 16th June, 1pm

For parents and carers of toddlers and pre-schoolers

Wednesday 16th June, 8pm

For parents and carers of primary aged children

Tuesday 15th June, 8pm

For parents and carers of secondary aged children

 Tuesday 15th June, 6.30pm

Past Webinars

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