Each month we hold webinars with brilliant experts, and also free meet-ups to get to know each other properly.  These are open to all our newsletter subscribers, so please make sure you have signed up to our newsletter before booking.  You can do this here.

Scroll down to see what we’ve got coming up, and you can also catch up with our previous webinars.

*NEW* Q&A with Professor Adam Fox

Friday 15th October at 1 pm. Cost: £10


We’re thrilled to announce that paediatric allergy consultant, Professor Adam Fox is joining The Allergy Team for another Q&A.

These webinars are always hugely popular and cover a wide range of topics, so sign-up now!

Whether you want to know how likely it is that your child will grow out of their food allergy, how to approach weaning a food-allergic baby or to quiz Professor Fox about the latest food allergy desensitisation programmes, this is the webinar for you. It’s taking place just a week after the annual conference of The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (where medics from around the globe gather to discuss allergies) so you’ll be among the first to hear about the very latest developments in food allergy treatment and research as well.

Adam Fox is Professor of Paediatric Allergy at King’s College London and President of the BSACI), he is giving up his time for free so we can keep costs down.

The Allergy Team Workshops

Food allergies and anxiety, a series of workshops with clinical psychologist Dr Karen Murphy

In a first for The Allergy Team, we’re hosting a series of workshops focusing on the anxiety we often feel as allergy parents and carers. There’s no denying that looking after a child with an allergy can be really stressful and isolating. The positive news is that there are lots of strategies to help you cope with those feelings and some great ways to support your child too.

Clinical psychologist Dr Karen Murphy is an expert in this. She works within a children’s allergy service at a leading London hospital where she provides psychological support for children and young people. She also supports families through her private practice.

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Each month we hold virtual meet-ups to share our experiences of having children with food allergies.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to share challenges, solutions and offer each other support.  Our meet-ups are held over Zoom and last about an hour.  We encourage everyone to have their videos on, as it’s a chance, at a time of isolation, to get to know each other better.  But don’t worry if you’re feeding a baby, it’s a very relaxed gathering!

The meetings are free.  Normally our meetings are for parents and carers of similarly-aged children but, responding to your feedback, we are currently hosting one meet-up for all ages.  

For the parents and carers of babies under 18 months

Monday 11th Oct, 8pm

For parents and carers of toddlers and pre-schoolers

Monday 11th Oct, 8pm

For parents and carers of primary aged children

Monday 11th Oct, 8pm

For parents and carers of secondary aged children

Monday 11th Oct, 8pm

Past Webinars

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