Food allergies and anxiety

workshops with clinical psychologist Dr Karen Murphy

In a first for The Allergy Team, we’re hosting a series of workshops focusing on the anxiety we often feel as allergy parents and carers. There’s no denying that looking after a child with an allergy can be really stressful and isolating. The positive news is that there are lots of strategies to help you cope with those feelings and some great ways to support your child too.

Clinical psychologist Dr Karen Murphy is an expert in this. She works within a children’s allergy service at a leading London hospital where she provides psychological support for children and young people. She also supports families through her private practice.

How will the workshops be delivered and what is the format?

The workshops will be delivered over Zoom at 8pm, so no matter where you are, you can join.

Each 90-minute session will be chaired by The Allergy Team.

The first half an hour will be a presentation from Dr Murphy on a specific topic (see workshop details below). She’ll discuss that month’s issue and introduce helpful strategies related to it.

After the presentation there’ll be a Q&A with Dr Murphy and then an open discussion, enabling you to share your experiences and learn from others.

(The workshops will be packed with useful tips but please be aware that Dr Murphy can only give general advice and won’t be able to answer very specific questions relating to your child and their medical history.)

What topics will the workshops cover and what are the dates?

This is a series of six workshops. You can sign-up for as many as you want!

Tuesday 7th September 2021: Coping with allergy anxiety

Tuesday 5th October 2021: Talking to your child about their food allergies

Tuesday 9th November 2021: Recovering from an allergic reaction

Tuesday 7th December 2021: Socialising and food allergy

Tuesday 11th January 2022: Hospital tests and food allergy (including skin prick tests, blood tests and oral food challenges)

Tuesday 8th February 2022: School and food allergy

Can I watch it back afterwards?

A recording of Dr Murphy’s presentation on each topic will be available to those who attended the workshop. The Q&A and discussion will not be recorded, this is to maintain your privacy and to ensure everyone feels comfortable speaking freely.

You will also receive a written handout of the strategies discussed in the workshop.

How much do the workshops cost?

Each workshop costs £55.  There’s a discount available to subscribers to our newsletter, you can sign up for the newsletter here.

We’re pleased to offer a discount if you sign up to multiple sessions!

Buy 4 workshops for £190

Buy 6 workshops for £250

To redeem the multi-session discount, please email us at

Please note: Up to two parents or carers can attend together on one zoom link on one ticket.

How do I sign up?

We are limiting places to 20 people for each workshop, so everyone gets an opportunity to be heard.

Because of the limited places, we would urge you to sign up sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out! If you want to attend but didn’t get a place, please email us so we can let you know if there are any cancellations.

Please sign up for individual sessions via the links below (to get the multi-session discount for 4 or 6 sessions please email

7th Sept 2021: Coping with allergy anxiety. Book here

5th Oct 2021: Talking to your child about their food allergies. Book here

9th Nov 2021: Recovering from an allergic reaction. Book here

7th Dec 2021: Socialising and food allergy. Book here

11th Jan 2022: Hospital tests and food allergy. Book here

8th Feb 2022: School and food allergy. Book here

(Please note these workshops are only for the parents and carers of children living with a food allergy, not for children themselves or healthcare professionals.)

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