Allergy Reviews

A whole school review of how you manage food allergies

  • Would your staff know how to respond to an allergic reaction?
  • Do your procedures around “spare pens” stand up to scrutiny?
  • How good is communication about food allergies between staff, caterers, families and pupils?
  • Are school trips and sports fixtures safe and inclusive?
  • Are boarding houses safe home-from-home environments for pupils with allergies?
  • Do you have a robust allergy policy?
  • Would the parents of a child with food allergies be confident in choosing your school?


An Allergy Review by The Allergy Team will help you identify what your school is doing well in terms of food allergy management and where changes could be implemented to strengthen your offer in this area.

Badminton School are delighted to have appointed The Allergy Team to assist with their allergy management and to support our aim of becoming an allergy safe school”. 

Jonathan Webster

Director of Finance & Operations, Badminton School


For parents of children with food allergies, one of the deciding factors influencing their choice of school, is likely to be how confident they feel that you can keep their child safe. Once they have placed their child in your care, parents and carers need to be confident that everyone knows how to respond if a pupil has an allergic reaction. They also need to be sure their child can enjoy every aspect of school life, in an inclusive environment.

It is important that your staff also feel confident in managing food allergies, reducing stress and broadening their professional skills through training and sharing best practice.

How do our Allergy Reviews work?

Our Allergy Reviews are not inspections!

We work with you, to ensure your school is the best possible environment for pupils with food allergies, so they are safe and can embrace school life without any barriers to learning.

We will visit your school to familiarise ourselves with your site and building, speak to key staff members, your catering team and pupils with food allergies. During this visit, we’ll also answer any questions you have and share best practice.

In advance, we will ask you to send us key documents and ask staff to fill out an anonymous survey. With your permission, we will speak to parents of pupils with food allergies too. Our findings will be shared with you in writing, and we will follow up with a call to discuss the review.