Events for school staff

We are pleased to run regular events for school staff. The purpose of these sessions is to improve general understanding of food allergy, build staff confidence to manage this medical condition and to share practical tips to help keep pupils safer.

“The presentation was informative and pitched at just the right level. One of the best webinars I have attended.”

Justin Aitken
Health & Safety Manager
Thomas’s London Day Schools

In person Events

moving up to secondary school with allergies:

a workshop for pupils and parents

Dr Nick Makwana HS

In person workshop with Specialist Allergy Nurse Consultant James Gardner

Date: 7th June 2024

Time: 5-7 pm

Location: Spitalfields, London


£45 (includes one adult and one child) for Family Members of The Allergy Team.

£65 (includes one adult and one child) for non-members.

Brilliant Nurse Consultant James Gardner will be hosting this two hour session for young people in Years 5-7 and their families on 7th June 2024 in London.

James lives with a food allergy himself and has worked with hundreds of families so he’s got lots of invaluable advice to share.

During the two hour session James will talk to the group of young people about managing their allergies at secondary school. Pupils are often expected to take greater responsibility for things like their medication and food choices from Year 7, so James will discuss that, as well as issues such as managing peer pressure, reducing risk and socialising. 

At the same time, The Allergy Team will host a session for parents and carers. We’ll discuss how to support young people and give tips on forging a good relationship with their new school and how to tackle challenges which arise once term is underway. 

Please note that to ensure everyone gets the best out of this event, places are limited. Please email us below to reserve your place. 

MEET US AT the ISBA conference 2024

Logo of the Independent Schools' Bursars Association

Stand 36

ICC Wales, 20-22nd May

Earlier this year we were invited to BBC Breakfast to discuss the new Schools Allergy Code and we would love to speak to you about it at the ISBA Conference.

Come and visit us at Stand 36 to find out how we can support your school to reduce risk and keep pupils with allergies safer.

We would also like to introduce you to the Schools Allergy Register which we have developed in partnership with the ISBA.

The Register is a list of schools which have been assessed as adhering to best practice in allergy management and have earned our trust mark. It has proved incredibly popular, both with schools and with parents seeking reassurance that their children’s medical condition will be understood and well managed.

We’ve supported over 600 schools and thousands of staff members and we would love to work with your school to embed best practice, shore up your safeguarding in relation to allergies and help keep pupils safer.

Expert webinar programme:


The schools allergy register explained

two boys playing football

Q&A with Sarah Knight, founder of The Allergy Team 

18th June 2024

10.30-11.15 am

Schools around the country, from village primaries to large independents, have been signing up to join the Schools Allergy Register – find out why you should join them.

The Schools Allergy Register is a list of schools which we have assessed as following best practice in allergy management. Schools in the process of joining the Register receive free access to our allergy and anaphylaxis online training programme for all staff and a warm welcome to our expert Q&A series. Those accepted onto the Register receive a trust mark and ongoing support. Parents of children with allergies will be able to search the Register to find out which schools are on it. 

The best practice we encourage in schools is laid out in the Schools Allergy Code, a practical framework which we developed in collaboration with Benedict Blythe Foundation and the ISBA.

This Q&A is FREE so but please register below to let us know you are coming along.

Previous events:

Planning safe and inclusive trips and residentials

Three children standing out doors, one is holding binoculars, another is pointing to the distance

From risk assessments and communicating with parents, to liaising with your venue and managing medication, this Q&A was packed with advice to support staff organising school trips and residentials. The key message from Andy Smith from Evolve Advice was to plan early to minimise risk, while Sarah Knight, CEO of The Allergy Team, spoke about working with families and pupils and the importance of inclusion. 

21st March 2024

Implementing the Schools Allergy Code and joining the Register

Schools Allergy Register logo

What is the Schools Allergy Code and why join the Schools Allergy Register? This was the theme of our Q&A with CEO of The Allergy Team, Sarah Knight.

Sarah explained how her experience of navigating school life with two children with allergies influenced the shaping of the Code, which is a best practice framework for allergy management in schools.

With parents already contacting us to find out which schools are on the Register, we explored the benefits of joining.

Sarah also answered questions from school staff, covering topics such as spare pens, inclusion and allergy policies.

11th March 2024


Sarah Knight from The Allergy Team and John Muphie of the ISBA discussed the launch a new Schools Allergy Code and Register.

The Code provides a clear framework for schools to ensure they are adhering to best practice when it comes to managing allergies and keeping pupils safe and included. Sarah and John also discussed the Schools Allergy Register and the benefits of joining.

1st December 2023


Building allergy awareness throughout your school is really important to embed best practice, develop robust policies and to keep pupils safer. But what does whole-school awareness really mean, what does it look like and how is it achieved?

This topic was explored in depth, during our presentation and Q&A with James Gardner, Consultant Nurse in Paediatric Allergy and co-founder of The Allergy Team, Sarah Knight.

16th June 2023 

Why food allergy matters: supporting your school

The Allergy Team was delighted to deliver this webinar in partnership with Towergate Insurance and The Education Broker.

Allergy is the most common chronic condition in childhood and in school-aged children 20% of allergic reactions happen at school. Managing pupils’ allergies can be challenging: from risk reduction and managing inclusion, to making sure you are fully prepared if you face a serious allergic reaction.

Aimed at senior leaders, this presentation and Q&A gave an overview of what allergy management best practice looks like in schools looks like and how to keep pupils safe.

Our panellist were Sarah Knight, co-founder of The Allergy Team and Professor Adam Fox, Paediatric Consultant in Allergy.

26th April 2023

food allergies and mental health at school

Headshot of Dr Karen Murphy, Clinical Psychologist with specialism in allergy<br />

When food is something to be scared of, it can have a devastating impact on mental health.  So how can schools support pupils and colleagues worried about the responsibility of managing food allergies?

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Karen Murphy specialises in supporting adults and children living with food allergy. In this Q&A she answered quesions on how living with a food allergy impacts mental health, how to support pupils with allergies with friendships and gaining independence, and she offered advice on how to spot signs of allergy anxiety.

3rd February 2023

Managing Food allergies at school

Trio of headshots, Natalie Wargent from VWV, Professor Adam Fox, Paediatric Consultant in Allergy and Sarah Knight, CEO The Allergy Team

An online discussion about best-practice for managing food allergy in schools, understanding school responsibilities and supporting pupils. Our panellists were leading Paediatric Allergist, Professor Adam Fox, Senior Associate, Natalie Wargent from education law firm VWV and Sarah Knight, CEO of The Allergy Team.

30th September 2022

What schools say about The Allergy Team’s events for staff:

“All schools should be listening to your webinar as it highlighted so well the complexities of dealing with food allergies in schools and yet there is abundant good practice and advice out there to ensure risk is minimised.”

Jenny Pittam
Interim Head of Contract Catering Services, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

“The webinar was a very useful and expert overview of key issues and good practice from which we will take a number of things to help further support our pupils with allergies.”

David Ticker
Newcastle School for Boys

Online drop-in sessions for School Members

Staff from any of our Member Schools are welcome to drop in during one of our online sessions to ask questions, chat about recent experiences or share best practices. The drop-ins are on Zoom and we run them every half term. Please register to let us know you will be dropping in.

Thursday 22nd February 2024 (12-1pm)

Thursday 2nd May 2024 (12-1pm)

Thursday 13th June 2024 (12-1pm)