If your school wants to adopt the Schools Allergy Code and get recognised for the work you’ve done to implement it, join the Schools Allergy Register.

What is the Schools Allergy Register?

The Schools Allergy Register is a list of schools who have adopted the Schools Allergy Code and undergone assessment by The Allergy Team.

Anyone can search the Register to find schools which are committed to best practice in managing allergies.

If a school is on the list it means we have assessed its policies and procedures as meeting the criteria laid out in the Code.

Display our trust mark

As well as being able to search the list. Schools on the Schools Allergy Register can display a trust mark on their website and publicity materials.

There are two trust marks, one for schools which have undergone online assessment and the other for schools who have been visited by The Allergy Team and undergone an in-person assessment.

Inclusion on the Register is a special endorsement which shows schools that go above and beyond their statutory responsibilities and are putting the safety and inclusion of their pupils first.


Schools often ask us how easy it is to join the Register. The answer depends on how good your policies and procedures are already.

For some schools meeting the criteria laid out in the Schools Allergy Code will be relatively straightforward. It might involve implementing some extra training, organising an anaphylaxis drill or updating your Allergy and Anaphylaxis policy.

Other schools may find they have more work to do, but the Code is packed with clear, practical guidance to make the necessary changes. What’s more The Allergy Team offers a range of support to help you every step of the way:


A step-by-step written guide to help you implement the Code in your school, template documents (such as an Allergy and Anaphylaxis Policy and anaphylaxis drills), a mentoring call, access to our expert Q&As and online drop-ins for your staff and an online check by The Allergy Team.


Bespoke support for your school. As well as working with you to join the Register, we will carry out staff and parent surveys and visit your school to meet members of the senior leadership team. We will help identify what you are doing well in terms of allergy management and where you may have vulnerabilities.


We will do our best to support any setting to meet the criteria laid out in the Schools Allergy Code and to earn their place on the Register.

It’s important to recognise that our assessement, whether online or in-person, can only assess what is going on at a school at a particular moment in time. If The Allergy Team is not satisfied that a school is implementing the Code, we will not add the school to the Register or award them the trust-mark. However, we will support the school to revisit their application. For more information please see our Ts&Cs.

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