One to One support

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who really understands what you’re going through.

– What does your child having a food allergy mean for your family?

– Do you need to get rid of all allergens from your house or reorganise the kitchen?

– How do you prepare for allergy tests or food challenges, or support your child when they’ve “failed” an allergy test?

– How do you navigate mealtimes with siblings, playdates or relatives who don’t get it?

– What about school or childcare, how do you ever trust someone else to keep your child safe?

– Is going on holiday even an option with a food allergy?

We understand that all these questions and more might be going through your mind and that the things you might want to discuss will change as your child gets older. Our Founder, Sarah, has already spoken to scores of parents during our free meet-ups but we know that some people who use our resources would like a more in-depth chat about managing food allergies.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that Sarah now offers 1:1 parent-to-parent conversations and consultancy.

Sarah founded The Allergy Team because when her sons were first diagnosed with food allergies, she felt as though she had nowhere to turn. After a decade of navigating her family through diagnosis, allergy testing, food challenges, social events and starting school she has a wealth of knowledge to share with other parents and carers. This is enhanced by working with numerous other families and allergy experts at The Allergy Team.

Book now to Talk to Sarah, parent to parent.

All sessions take place on Zoom.

If you would prefer to Talk to Sarah in in person then please email us at


60 mins parent-to-parent session £150

Bundle of 6 sessions £450
(1x 60 minutes and 5x 30 minutes)

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“We’ve learned so much from you over the years and wouldn’t be where we are as a family without you.”


Mother to a child with allergies

Sarah is “so kind, practical and knowledgeable”

Ali Bastian,

Actress and mother to a child with allergies