The Allergy Team was founded to help families living with food allergies to thrive.

From the moment parents and carers suspect their child has an allergy and seek help, we are there to offer support and a welcoming community, one mum described discovering The Allergy Team as “life-changing”.

If you’d like leaflets (print or digital) for your clinic, please email us.

supporting you

Our aim is to work with allergy specialists and healthcare professionals by providing follow-on support for families once they have left a GP appointment or allergy clinic.

Our resources have all be signed off by clinicians and will answer some of the practical questions that parents and carers have about living with food allergies, leaving you more time for appointments and to address clinical need.


We understand the day to day challenges of living with food allergy and offer practical tips, emotional support and a positive community of allergy parents and carers.

Please tell families about us so we can offer them:

Free online meet-ups where families share experiences, tips and peer-to-peer support, to feel less isolated.

◊ Trusted information on living with a food allergy day to day. Written in plain English and with a positive tone, our resources cover everything from a parent-to-parent guide to preparing for hospital tests, to navigating shopping and eating out with allergies.

Expert Q&As covering everything from weaning a baby with CMPA, outgrowing allergies, finding childcare and starting school and travelling with allergies to managing mealtimes, supporting children to become more independent and immunotherapy treatment.

◊ Membership to The Allergy Team which includes all the above, as well as a series of Guides (eg. weaning, managing anxiety, coping with parties and playdates) and access to a members’ only Facebook community.


Brand new personalised video so parents and carers can share details of their child’s allergies, medication and how to respond if they have an allergic reaction with friends, relatives, schools and clubs.


“I have found The Allergy Team an invaluable resource and great support to many of our young families, and I think it’s important that all families are aware of their existence.” 

Dr Deb Marriage

Lead Paediatric Allergy & Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist at Bristol Children's Hospital and Chair, BSACI Nurses Group