Award Winning Personalised Allergy Videos

A personalised video to help keep your child safe

School clubs, babysitters, playdates, friends and family – now you can easily share information about your child’s allergies and medication with anyone who is looking after them. Watch the trailer and become a member to get started.


Become a Family Member to make your video

Create, check and share in minutes

Creating your child’s personalised video is quick, easy and secure:

  • Become a Family Member of The Allergy Team
  • Fill in a short form about your child, including their first name, their allergies, their medication and dose
  • Upload a photo of your child
  • Wait a few minutes while your personalised video is created
  • Check through your video and confirm the details are correct
  • Start sharing your video with friends, family and anyone who cares for your child. Simply send them then link and share your unique access code

Your video explains:

• What your child is allergic to
• Which foods they must avoid
• How to recognise an allergic reaction
• What medication they need and how to use it

Share your video with:

• Friends & family
• Club leaders
• Babysitters & childminders
• Sports coaches
• Party hosts


Want to know more? Check out our Me and My Allergy FAQs


‘Me and My Allergy’ was created with support and funding from an Inclusion Award from Innovate UK