How The Allergy Team can help you improve staff food allergy awareness

The Allergy Team understands that people’s knowledge about food allergies varies. Some of your staff will have food allergies themselves or have family members with allergies, others will have very little experience of food allergies, how serious they can be and the impact they have on daily life.

So how do you ensure ALL your staff engage with food allergy training and that crucial procedures and messages stick? 

This is where The Allergy Team can help.

We believe that empathy and understanding are key to overcoming staff allergy training “fatigue”.  With the help of our team of allergy parents, we can help your staff understand not just WHAT to do to prevent an allergic reaction but WHY it matters.

Why us?

With over 20 years experience in television production, Sarah and the team know how to tell a story with impact. We have worked as producers, journalists and series editors across news, current affairs and prime-time factual programming for the BBC and ITV. Before she set up The Allergy Team, Sarah was Series Producer for the hit show Your Home Made Perfect – her talent for getting audiences to watch, listen and engage is now being turned to food allergy training and there’s no one better to drive home key messages with creativity, passion and empathy.

We are already working with an international catering firm and with a major high street food retailer to enhance their allergy training and we’d love to support your business too.

Whether it’s a training course to help staff form an emotional connection, a one-off film packed with personal testimony, a live presentation or consultancy, The Allergy Team can develop bespoke allergy awareness training for your business…


To find out more about our corporate consultancy and allergy training, please get in touch via info@theallergyteam.com

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