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BBC Breakfast studio and guests

📣 watch and listen to coverage of the schools allergy code

BBC Breakfast, Sky News, BBC 5 Live, Times Radio, iNews, The Sun, The Times, MailOnline and many others covered the issue of keeping pupils with allergies safer at school and how the Schools Allergy Code and Register can help. The interviews also covered the findings of our parent survey which revealed that 58% of children with allergies had experienced an allergic reaction or near miss at school.

February 2024 BBC Breakfast interview about the launch of the Schools Allergy Code

Our CEO, Sarah discussed the urgency for safer schools and why all schools should adopt our Schools Allergy Code. Watch the whole segment, including interviews with Sarah and Garrett Fay, CEO of Insignis Academy Trust.

December 2023 Mum whose son has severe food allergies wants schools to get training

Katie Arkell from St Helens is urging all schools to adopt the Schools Allergy Code. Her son George has multiple allergies and his mum has already moved schools once because of concerns over his safety. 

October 2023 From first kisses to free-from food costs. Why raising awareness about food allergies is vital to help save lives.

The Allergy Team contributed to the Daily Mail Weekend’s Healthy Life Guide, writing about the challenges of day to day living with food allergy.

August 2023 Campaign for safer schools for pupils with allergies

The Allergy Team contributed to this news piece by ITV Anglia featuring Helen Blythe and Benedict’s story.

 July 2023 ‘It’s one of the great mysteries of our time’: why extreme food allergies are on the rise – and what we can do about them.

An in depth article covering the story of Benedict Blythe, the issue of safety for pupils with food allergies at school. Sarah discusses her personal experiences and the need for change.

February 2023 Discussing the cost of buying free-from foods during the cost of living crisis

We were delighted to take part in an interview discussing the ecomonic burden of having to buy free-from foods, particularly during the cost of living crisis. The interview looked at the findings of our survey.

January 2023 Cost of living with food allergies becoming ‘unbearable’.

BBC News featured The Allergy Team’s research into free from food price increases and the impact on families. They spoke to Sarah about the burden of shopping with allergies and included some of our tips to keep costs down.

January 2023 Imagine your child needs specialist food to survive – now imagine you can no longer afford it.

The Guardian picked up our parent survey about the impact of inflation on free from food prices and the impact it has at the checkout. This article highlights that for families living with food allergy, there is no option but to buy these products.

January 2023 When bread becomes deadly – paying the allergy premium in a cost of living crisis.

Thanks to the families who took part in this coverage after we were contacted by Sky News. This article looks into FSA research into the extra cost of free from shopping and includes a great quote from our Founder, Sarah.

January 2023 Food allergy sufferers do not trust hospitals to keep them safe.

A much-needed look at how hospitals cater for people with food allergies and asking if they do enough to ensure patients are safe. Includes a quote from Sarah about the additional vulnerability of people with allergies in hospital. (This article is behind a paywall).

September 2022 Allergies in schools: why more action is needed.

Why allergy awareness needs to improve in schools, drawing on the results of The Allergy Team’s parent and teacher surveys which highlight lack of training.

June 2022 How the cost of living crisis is affecting families with allergies.

The Allergy Team’s research into the cost of living and the burden of food price increases on families living with food allergy features in this article.

November 2021 Pea protein is causing a mighty problem for people with food allergies.

This article looks at the challenge of being allergic to a food that isn’t on the list of top 14 allergens, with a focus on pea. Journalist Hannah Fearn asks The Allergy Team and others if ingredients labelling for legumes need to change.

September 2021 The allergy epidemic: is a cure on the way?

Sarah’s personal account of raising two children with multiple food allergies was used to illustrate the challenges and anxieties of allergy families for this feature in Prospect magazine. 

September 2021 When your child is starting school with a serious allergy, letting go can be hard.

i News featured The Allergy Team’s Starting School course (for parents whose food-allergic children are about to start primary school) in this first-person piece.  

May 2021 How can restaurants increase confidence for hypersensitive consumers?

New Food interviewed Sarah for an article looking at what causes allergy families stress when eating out and how restaurants can help them feel safe and comfortable.

May 2021 What is happening to allergen-related food recalls during the pandemic? 

 When the Covid-19 pandemic affected food recalls, The Allergy Team was asked to comment on the impact.

May 2021 Natasha’s Law: is the industry ready for full ingredients labelling?

The Allergy Team was asked to comment on food labelling as part of a piece looking at the introduction of Natasha’s Law.

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