Become a Family Member to make your video

Frequently asked questions about creating, checking, sharing and updating your Me and My Allergy personalised video.

1. How do I create a Me and My Allergy personalised video?

To create a Me and My Allergy personalised video you need to be a Family Member of The Allergy Team. Become a Family Member here.

Once you are a Family Member, follow the instructions on the Members dashboard. You will be asked to fill in a short form about your child and their allergies and to upload a photo of them.

Your video will be created and you can close the browser and wait for it to be delivered to your inbox. Please be aware that the time it takes to create a video varies.

2. How do I upload my child’s photo?

It is best to select a medium close-up photo of your child. The file size should not be more than 2 MB and .jpeg and .png files are accepted.

3. I have started creating my video but realise that I made a mistake on the form. Can I change it?

Don’t worry! After you first create your child’s video you will be asked to watch it to check it is accurate. You will be given the option to Make Changes or Approve Video. You can make as many changes as you like within the first 48 hours and these don’t count towards your annual quota. When you are happy click on Approve Video.

4. I have received an email saying my video has been created but I can’t share it.

You cannot share your video until you have approved it and we ask that you do this within 48 hours of creating your video.

5. How do I share my Me and My Allergy personalised video?

Once you have confirmed you are happy with your Me and My Allergy video, we will email you a new bespoke URL and an access code (like a PIN).

You can share this URL with other carers. They will need your access code to watch your video.

6. I have forgotten my unique url and/or access code. Where can I find them?

Login to with you Family Member login details. From the Members’ dashboard click on Go to Me and My Allergy to return to your videos. Click the video you want and your unique url and access code will be listed under the video.

7. My child’s allergies and/or medication have changed, how do I update my Me and My Allergy video?

If your child’s allergies or medication change you can update your Me and My Allergy video. You can update your video up to three times per year free of charge. The year starts when you create your first video.

Login to our website, navigate to the Me and My Allergy Create video page and follow the instructions to update your video.

8. I have more than one child with allergies, can I make them each a video?

Yes, you can make up to three separate videos as part of your Family Membership.

9. My child is allergic to food which is not one of the 14 main allergens, can I make them a video?

Absolutely! Any food can be included and your video will contain all the same information about what an allergy is, medication, treatment of allergic reactions, reducing the risk of cross-contamination etc. The only difference is that we have more detailed videos about the foods that are on the list of the 14 main allergens. For example, the video about milk explains where it might be used as an incredient.

10. Where will my child’s data be stored and how to I know it’s safe?

Our developers use Amazon (AWS) servers which are EU-based and GDPR-compliant to host the video creation website, and to store any submitted data and uploaded files. Amazon’s servers provide very high security, and only our partner developers have access. The Allergy Team is the Data Controller, and SDS is the Contracted Data Processor.

11. How can I be sure that only people I choose can see my child’s video?

It is up to you who you share your child’s video with. Your video is accessed via a unique URL that is near-impossible to find, without having been given it directly. Once someone has the URL they also have to enter your unique 6-digit access code to view it. Remember that if you put all your details in an email, this could be forwarded on, so take the usual precautions and remind anyone receiving the access details that they should only be shared with your permission.

12. Can I download and share my child’s video?

Downloading has been restricted so that only people with your unique URL and access code can watch your video.

13. I want to cancel my Family Membership of The Allergy Team, can I keep my video?

Only Family Members of The Allergy Team can create and share Me and My Allergy videos. If you decide to cancel your membership you will lose access to any Me and My Allergy videos you have created.

If you have questions that have not been answered above, please contact us at