our training COULD BE A LIFE-SAVER 

Build confidence, reduce reactions, respond in an emergency

Every term children suffer life-threatening allergic reactions in school, many more are at risk from near-misses.

> Would all your staff know how to recognise an allergic reaction and how to respond?

> Are you confident your whole school knows how to reduce risk and keep pupils with food allergies as safe as possible?

> Do staff feel confident running school trips and events, always including pupils with allergies?

The Allergy Team’s online training supports schools so they can answer YES to all the above.

Buy now at our promotional price of just £150 for all of your staff*.


When you sign up for our whole-school online training, all your staff will have access to our video-based course. You can add as many staff as you like, including new joiners, throughout the year.

We use the real-world experiences of pupils living with food allergy, families, teachers and doctors to engage staff and ensure safety messages stick.


Created by TV executives, our content is pacey and engaging. It is based on rigorous research and approved by allergy specialists. You will hear from allergy consultants, clinical psychologists, education lawyers, caterers, parents of children living with food allergies and pupils,


  • The impact of a food allergy on a pupil’s day-to-day life
  • How to spot the signs of an allergic reaction and how to respond
  • The medication students might be carrying and how to use it
  • Adrenaline pen training: EpiPen, Jext and Emerade
  • Developing a whole-school allergy management plan
  • Supporting pupil well-being through inclusion
  • Fostering a positive culture around managing food allergies
  • How to manage in-school activities like cooking lessons, science lessons or even bringing Easter chicks into the classroom
  • How to manage off-site activities like school trips and sports fixtures

*This is a promotional price, available to single schools only. If you are group of schools or multi-academy trust, please contact us.


“It was exceptionally well designed and put-together. The summaries were well conceived and helpful documents were included throughout.  I thought the training was brilliant and I’ve certainly left feeling informed, inspired and confident with managing food allergies in school.”

Michael Speed

Deputy Headteacher, Primary School

“It’s brilliant – so comprehensive! The high number of professionals [you hear from] gives the training great validity. A sense that “we’re all in it together” and by working together can get the best for the child.” 

Karen Cragg

Nurse, Wilmslow High School

What an amazing resource. The level of detail, examples and experiences shared is outstanding. It really makes you think about current procedures but makes you feel it is all achievable as well… it should be compulsory for all staff!” 

Emma Champion,