What is the Schools Allergy Code?

The Schools Allergy Code is a free best practice guide for allergy managment in schools. It provides schools with a clear framework to follow, offering practical support for the real world.

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Practical support, backed by schools and families

The Schools Allergy Code is not expensive or difficult to implement and has the backing of schools, familes and allergy clinicians.

It is accompanied by a checklist to help schools understand what they are doing well, and where they might need to tighten up their policies or procedures to reduce risk and ensure inclusion for pupils with allergies, as well as to respond quickly, confidently and effectively in the event of an allergic reaction happening at school.


On average food allergy affects 1 to 2 children in every school class but allergy management in schools varies widely.

This was confirmed by our parent survey in January 2024.

Sometimes, as the parent of a child with allergies, finding a school which understands your child’s medical condition and how to keep them as safe as possible, can feel like a bit of a lottery.

The Allergy Team drew up the Schools Allergy Code to change that, in collaboration with Benedict Blythe Foundation and a school bursars’ association called the ISBA.


Schools who adhere to the code can apply to be on the Schools Allergy Register. Look out for our trust mark on their website or publicity material.

If a school displays our trust mark, it means they have been assessed by The Allergy Team.

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