Date recorded: 24th June 2022

“You can’t be allergic to chicken/potato/peas..!” If your allergen is not among the most common, this is probably something you’re used to hearing. In fact, The Allergy Team has been contacted by families who find it really difficult to get others to either believe they’re allergic to a food or to take their condition seriously if their allergen is not in the top 14.

That’s why we hosted an hour-long webinar devoted to discussing the topic of less common food allergies.  The session covers legume allergy and the increasing use of pea protein in foods, how to navigate eating out if your allergen isn’t well known and how to cope when others (including health professionals) don’t really understand your allergy.

To tackle these questions and many more, we were joined by James Gardner, who is a Consultant Nurse in Paediatric Allergy (who lives with an egg allergy himself) and The Children’s Dietitian, Lucy Upton who is an expert in supporting families navigating the challenge of mealtimes with multiple and/or less usual food allergies.

We are grateful that Lucy and James gave up their time for free.

 This Q&A was recorded live on 24th June 2022.

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