Food, feeding and mealtimes with allergies

Feeding therapist and Paediatric Dietitian Lucy Upton answers questions about fussy eating, food avoidance, sources of nutrients and weaning with allergies.

Date recorded: 25th March 2024 Lucy Upton is a Paediatric Dietitian and Feeding Therapist. She works with families living with food allergy to support them with managing mealtimes, anxiety around food and creating a healthy diet using free from foods and substitutions. Lucy’s Q&As are always really positive in tone and full of practical advice for busy parents and carers. In this session we discussed weaning with allergies, replacing nutrients if you have to substitute foods, encouraging a broader diet and overcoming food avoidance. Lucy gave up her for free to enable us to keep costs low. Watch it here for £30 or Become a Family Member (£6.99/month) to watch for FREE.

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