Hay Fever and allergies: managing symptoms, medication and support

Living with Hay Fever can be difficult but in this Q&A we discuss how to manage symptoms and use medication effectively, as well as the pros and cons of OIT.
Date recorded: 22nd April 2024 Dr Nick Makwana is Consultant Paediatrician who specialises in paediatric allergy and Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham. In this fascinating look at Hay Fever, he explains how triggers change with the seasons and how families can manage symptoms. The Q&A includes a practical demonstration of how to use nasal spray so it is effective and discussion about oral immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis. Professor Makwana has a NHS clinic and private practice in Birmingham. He gave up his time for free to enable us to keep costs low. Watch it here for £30 or Become a Family Member (£6.99/month) to watch for FREE.

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