Common allergy questions answered

Useful demos on inhaler use and how to give an adrenaline pen, plus answers to some of the questions we get asked most by families.

Date recorded: 23rd February 2024

This Q&A includes a demonstration of how to use an inhaler with a spacer and a discussion about why some adrenaline pen instructions tell you to swing the pen into the leg and others show the place and press method – essential knowledge if you have a child with allergies and asthma. We were in great hands with Clinical Nurse Specialist Dr Deb Marriage who has decades of experience. Deb answers some of the questions we get asked the most every week – from what to do when you’re breastfeeding and suspect an allergy, to the latest research into home introduction of egg and milk.

Deb is Lead Paediatric Allergy & Respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist at Bristol Children’s Hospital, helping hundreds of families every year to thrive with food allergies. She has given up her time for free for this Q&A session.

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