Food allergies and “fussy eating”

Presentation and Q&A on meal-time struggles and problem eating

Date recorded: 11th June 2021 

This webinar is packed with tips and practical advice for parents who struggle with their child’s “fussy eating” at mealtimes. Specialist paediatric dietitian Lucy Upton has over a decade of experience supporting children who refuse to eat or to try new foods. With a focus on allergies, she understands why mealtimes can be a particular challenge for families where some foods have to be excluded.

This presentation and Q&A is full of tips to help you and your child overcome a “fear of food” and to recognise when “fussy eating” becomes something more problematic. Lucy works privately (The Children’s Dietitian) and in a busy NHS children’s hospital – she is a qualified Paediatric Dietitian and feeding therapist and has been practising since 2010 when she graduated with her Master of Nutrition degree from the University of Nottingham.

This webinar starts with a presentation, followed by a Q&A. It was recorded on 11th June 2021.

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