OIT, Outgrowing allergies, myth-busting and more

Could your child benefit from OIT, how important is it to keep potential allergens in your child’s diet, weaning with allergies, what is the chance of your child outgrowing their allergy? Prof George Du Toit answers these questions and more.

Date recorded: 29th September 2023

Professor George Du Toit has been at the forefront of research into Oral Immunotherapy Treatment for children with food allergies. In this hour-long Q&A, he talked us through who OIT might be suitable for, some of the side-effects and a host of other issues to consider. We also covered weaning with food allergies, feeding siblings, EoE, accessing mental health support and outgrowing food allergies.

George du Toit is a Professor in Paediatric Allergy at King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’. He gave up her/his time for free to enable us to keep costs low.

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