Weaning, fussy eating and managing mealtimes

Equip yourself to wean with confidence if your child has allergies, or has a sibling with allergies. From safety tips, to ideas for overcoming fussy eating, managing food refusal and keeping calm, this hour-long Q&A will help support you through this milestone.

Date recorded: 19th June 2023

If you’re wondering how to wean a baby with allergies, what order to introduce allergens or how to wean your infant when their sibling has an allergy, Paediatric Dietitian Lucy Upton offers practical tips and expert advice. She discusses fear of trying new foods, managing fussy eating or food refusal and how to offer a balanced diet.

Lucy Upton is an expert in supporting families living with allergies and will put you at ease with her attitude of “don’t sweat the small stuff”. She’s got a loyal following on Instagram @childrensdietitian and always has great practical advice for overcoming everyday challenges, as well as bigger issues around food, nutrition and living with allergies.

Lucy gave up her time for free to enable us to keep costs low.

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