Are food allergies on the increase, understanding allergy testing, the latest allergy research, OIT and more.

Why the latest allergy research gives cause for optimism, a discussion about OIT and understanding the results of allergy tests. Just some of the topics covered in this brilliant hour-long session.

Date recorded: 19th July 2023

A general Q&A hosted by The Allergy Team with Professor Adam Fox, one of the UK’s top Paediatric Allergy Consultants. From introducing allergens during weaning to understanding how allergies and their associated conditions change and develop over time, Professor Fox covers a huge range of topics during this hour-long session. He also discusses whether it’s true that allergies are on the increase, explains allergy testing and results and shares what gives him cause for optimism in the world of food allergy research. Adam Fox is Professor of Paediatric Allergy at King’s College London and past-President of the BSACI. He works in the NHS and has a private clinic and is giving up his time for free so we can keep costs down. This Q&A was recorded on 19th July 2023.

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