An hour with one of the UK’s top paediatric allergists

Date recorded: 26th Feb 2021 

“Will my child grow out of their food allergy?”, “What desensitisation programmes are available on the NHS?”, “How do you wean a baby with food allergies?” – these were just some of the questions parents and carers put to Professor Adam Fox, one of the UK’s top paediatric allergists during a recent Q&A hosted by The Allergy Team.

Adam Fox is Professor of Paediatric Allergy at King’s College London and President of the British Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (BSACI). At The Allergy Team we know how important it is that all families have the very latest, trustworthy information about food allergies; so we asked him to spend an hour answering your questions.

We couldn’t believe how many topics we covered. The webinar explores some of the confusion about types of allergy, addresses parents’ fears that they might have ‘caused’ their child’s allergy and discusses some of the very latest research around food allergies and desensitisation. Professor Fox also talked us through the diagnosis process, skin prick tests and tackled the issue of anxiety caused by allergies. Click below to hear Professor Fox talking about the likelihood of children outgrowing allergies.

“I am sure you will all be inundated with thank you messages.  The webinar with Professor Fox was fascinating.  Really good to watch and listen to.” Rhona

“A massive thank you for organising this.  Such an interesting and useful webinar and so well presented.” Lucy

“Another brilliant event by The Allergy Team, always so much knowledge to take away.” Lara

“Thank you The Allergy Team for arranging today’s webinar with Dr Fox.  We all tuned in.  And it was wonderful to have definite professional answers.”  Stephanie

The live event was over-subscribed but it’s all here to watch again.

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