Date recorded: 26th November 2021

2021 saw a huge leap forward in the treatment of peanut allergy with the licensing of Palforzia for use in oral immunotherapy in the UK.

But who is oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy suitable for, what are the chances of success and are there treatments on the horizon for other food allergies? We put all these questions and many more to one of the doctors at the forefront of oral immunotherapy research and clinical trials in the UK, Professor George du Toit.

During this hour-long Q&A Professor du Toit is optimistic about the future treatment of food allergies but speaks frankly about how long it takes to get new products approved. He was asked if Palforzia and oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy will be available on the NHS and about the cost of private treatment and was sympathetic about the struggles faced by families living with food allergies.

If you are considering speaking to your clinician about peanut oral immunotherapy or want to know more about the latest research, this webinar is a “must watch”.

George du Toit is a professor in paediatric allergy at King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’. He gave up his time for free to enable us to keep costs low.

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