Clinical Psychologist Dr Karen Murphy

When food is something to be scared of, it can take a toll on our mental health. Dr Murphy explores how we can manage allergy anxiety, support our children and cope when others don’t understand.

Recorded on 24th March 2023

From worrying whether your child is safe, to anxiety about what the future holds, it’s very hard to switch off if your child has a food allergy and to take the time out to look after your own wellbeing. On top of that you may be trying to support your child with their own worries and fears.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Karen Murphy discussed all this and more during her hour-long Q&A with The Allergy Team. Questions included:

  • How do you stop yourself from panicking at mealtimes?
  • How do you explain to younger children why they can’t always share a birthday cake at parties?
  • At what age should you start discussing your child’s allergies with them and how do you avoid scaring them?
  • How can your family rebuild after a serious allergic reaction?
  • How can you support teenagers with becoming more independent and peer pressure?
  • How can parents learn to “let go” a bit?

Dr Murphy is one of a handful of psychologists with a special interest in allergies and mental health and she has a wealth of experience in the NHS and in her own private practice. As always, she was great at providing practical tips to support with everyday life as well as bigger issues.

Dr Murphy gave up her time for free so we can keep costs down. This session was recorded on 24th March 2023.

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