Q&A with Paula Hallam, Tiny Tots Nutrition

Date recorded: 20th May 2021

When a cow’s milk protein allergy presents itself in young infants, parents and carers are often left wondering what other foods their child might be allergic to and how to introduce potential allergens into their diet when it comes to starting solid food. The Allergy Team gets lots of questions about this so we asked Paediatric Dietitian Paula Hallam to join us for a Q&A. In this hour-long webinar, she answers questions from allergy parents covering everything from how to approach weaning an allergic baby to the different alternatives to cow’s milk on offer. 

Paula is mum to two daughters and the founder of Tiny Tots Nutrition. A dietitian for over 20 years, she specialises in helping families of babies and children with food allergies, fussy eaters and those with feeding difficulties. Paula also works in an Allergy Research Unit in London.

The live Q&A was held on 20th May 2021 but you can watch again here.

The cost is £20 (£10 for subscribers to our newsletter).

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